Seimix -- oh xP
Xander -- Yes you did, lol
Seimix -- Did I post this before yet?
Xander -- Yeah, cya
Seimix -- Since chat is dead and we're both distracted, cya?
Xander -- Yeah
Seimix -- that would be interesting
Seimix -- Was distracted
Xander -- And if someone isn't paying attention you can even fool them with crates as graves
Xander -- Donor cards, when enabled, drop in place of the usual grave when the last worm of a team is killed (unless drowned), so it'll be possible to fool dumber players by setting that as a grave
Xander -- Imagine trolling online players with that
Seimix -- but idk tho, so...
Xander -- Fun fact: using the third party team editor for WA, you can use random animations from the game as your grave, including oil drums and donor cards lol
Seimix -- yeaah, it might be
Xander -- Sounds like it'll be disappointing tbh
Xander -- I don't even see flags in the customization screen for Worms WMD
Seimix -- really...?
Xander -- Then again the default graves are animated in WA too
Xander -- The default graves are animated, so I don't know if custom graves are a thing
Seimix -- On second though, I may not be able to get the game anytime soon xP