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> Staff Changes, I know staff doesn't really matter atm
 Posted: Sep 23 2016, 01:10 AM
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We had several flame wars and spambots in the past but nowadays there hasn't been any spambots. And obviously no more flame wars to talk about (thankfully).
"Staffing" hasn't really been important around here ever since destroyer1's ban in early 2013. There hasn't been any troublemakers to deal with, either.

Staff positions are now more of a position of "veteran-ness" than actual staff positions. In fact I forgot there were actual staff positions for the last 3 years, all they meant to me were fancy colored usernames... But as part of Sep 2016's "re-organization" attempt, I'll try to make staff positions matter now. Remember, the main focus of the re-organization is to make the site look less shitty to the occasional unbiased guest, therefore I don't want new members asking why this inactive member is still staff.

So without further ado, here are some staff changes in this re-organization...


So let's take a look at the prominent members and see if their positions had changed or not...

Deathbringer: He's keeping his position (bad news for ya @Seimix). I wouldn't really encourage abuse of name changes tbh, but he's responsible for the XNR3.com domain and I appreciate it, thus he stays as admin though he's only somewhat active.
Doktroyd: He's been inactive lately, therefore I'll have to demote him. No hard feelings, Dokt, I'd like to see you around again soon if you do come back, and you'll be welcome to get your position back.
Nana: She hardly cares about the forums anymore, and all of my interactions with her has been occasional irl visits. She said she'll be fine with her demotion, and it's done.
Seimix: I've always considered giving you your staff position back, as you're the most active member, in fact you're probably more active than me myself. Well, if it weren't for your mischief out of rage in your conflicts with Deathbringer/Torm. I know you wanted to delete the smileys and only used that as an excuse, but I'll need to re-consider first.
Squidipus: As she is the third most active member nowadays, she can keep her moderator position, just as long as she doesn't pull off a giant cheese serpent out of Davy Jones' locker with "Love" written on its face.

I don't think I need to list all the prominent members, clearly I'm not going to promote an inactive Soddy777 for no reason. (Don't take that as an offense, Sod).

Oh, I forgot:
destroyer1: He's been unbanned and is now given password to the Root Account to be our master, and our evil overlord. Obey him or get your ass banned. /joke
Qualon: Same as Dest. They both share the Root Account now.

Nah, don't take the last two seriously. http://xnr3.b1.jcink.com/tongue.gif

TL;DR: Both Nana and Dokt are now Veterans. No other changes yet.

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