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> New News Topic (As of 2016), The new news.
 Posted: Sep 23 2016, 12:25 AM
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Ahoy there matey! This be the new news topic. As awkward as that may sound, you get the idea.

As of September 22, 2016, I've done yet another attempt to clean the site up from past immaturity, cringe and flame war topics that probably no one will wish to see again. They are now locked up archive forums, or in the Veteran forums that only veterans can see. They are not permanently deleted because I do not wish to delete pieces of history, and they can serve as a reminder of how stupid we used to be.

Anyway, it's not like a new member would care for those so... Basically, I'm still trying to make XNR3 beautiful again, but this time without that childish mind of mine. (As well as others who used to be immature as well.)
My main focus is to move all cringy/flame topics to the archives.

I hope I can stop being a lazy bum and actually update this topic when major changes are made.
Change Log:
*** September 21, 2016
- Unfortunately, I have to move some of Seimix's "info" topics to the Veteran Forums because most of those contain "inside" topics that only veterans understand. They're rather "uninviting".
- At the same time I have disabled the "Old Chat" section, in that it is now invisible to non-staff users. The "Old Chat" section was created to hide away old cringe topics from new ones back in my previous attempt in 2013, but I decided I'll just disable it completely this time.
- VIP Forums are now Veteran Forums. Within the VIP Forums, the "gossip" section has been merged with the "chat" section because the "gossip" section was unnecessary.
*** September 22, 2016
- Today's subject is the Welcome forums, it included several replies from me and fellow friends who insulted our "enemies" back in the day despite said "enemies" not being in the topics. That was rather immature of us, therefore I have to make the entire welcome section an archive, and it is now a staff-only forum under the new Welcome forums. Some trolling coming from the immature members of our "enemies" were also present in Welcome topics, thus I do not wish such cringe to be public again. However, I have moved some of the more recent welcome topics to the new Welcome section, since at that point we were less immature and thus they don't include any flame war material. Currently considering if I should "unarchive" several old welcome topics that don't include flaming content.
- I have restored destroyer1's profile back from the vandalism our staff had made shortly after his ban. It may not be the same as it was before (that was back in 2013!), but it's believable and close enough.
- Yes, it's the day I made this topic.
- Forum Games is no longer a sub-forum under Off-topic Discussion. It is now a forum of its own right alongside its former parent under the same category.
- Nana and Doktroyd are both demoted.
- A new and cleaner ban log was written and the old logs are archived.
*** September 23, 2016
- Not much changes today, but the forum skin has been updated.

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