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> Ban Log V2, 2016-present
 Posted: Sep 23 2016, 01:56 AM
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The old ban log has been archived for being nothing more than a bunch of immature shitposting and unfair bans. It's generally just a pain to read.

This new ban log's OP will refer to some important bans from the old logs.
Ironically, FAIR bans aren't even in the old logs...

destroyer1, Apr 10 2013, Permanent: For being full of himself and acting as if the site belonged to him. As soon as he was demoted he claimed he lost interest in the site, showing his power hunger. Oh, and of course trolling and harassing other members.

Desert/iTzYoBoYsErG, Oct 23 2013, 1 Day: Immature, racist comments in the shoutbox, and pretty much being a CoD-type savage kid. Hasn't been active after that.

Qualon, Feb 13 2015, Permanent: The man responsible for many flame wars and trouble. The peak being manipulating a moderator to nuke an entire rival's forums, causing angry retaliation which led to the forum wars. Originally demoted and was last seen on Jan 16, 2013 where he recently returned from a non-permanent ban. But 2 years later, I've decided to ban him as well, because the only reasons he didn't get one before was due to us being less strict against friends and being overly-UNFAIRLY strict against strangers.

And that's pretty much it.

If the two perma'd members were to become mature, they're more than welcome to return, although I doubt they'll do that. I can see destroyer had matured over the years, and he is known to be still active on PSN trophy-related forums, but I don't know what became of Qualon since he was last seen in 2013.

On the subject of banned Runouw users, users who posted pony spam and troll posts can stay banned for the justified reasons of trolling/spamming, I have nothing against them though.

As for the users banned for unfair reasons, they clearly don't give enough shit about it anyway, we know Bogdan and SuYo1141 were permanently banned by Qualon back around late 2011, but that was for bullshit reasons and thus I'm not listing it here. Same goes for MoD's ban.
I would unban them but hey, I don't think they care about these forums so, just gonna leave them as they are.

Subsequent bans (if they were to happen anyway) will be posted as replies.

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 Posted: Sep 23 2016, 08:15 AM
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OMG! Leona wields the banthrower on Protian! This man is not active,Leona thinks 99999 days ban is acceptable-o!
Ban reason is avatar and signature provokes war!

OMG OMG! Leona requests permission to ban the Nanas!

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OMG! Mia<3Xander confirmed!
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