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> Worms Gamemodes
 Posted: Sep 24 2015, 06:06 PM
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So me and freez has been playing a lot of Worms lately and we made a few new gamemodes...so here they are:
Out Gunned
How to Play: To play, is by, there are 4 teams going against 1 giant team that are hiding inside characters or things that one the players hates. Each player will have to pick 1-2 different playable teams they made in order to reach the 4 teams.

*The 4 teams can use any weapon
*The 1 giant team can only use Homing & Air Strike
*The Normal Bazooka must be 2/5 power.
*Any Weapon any be set to infinite. However, the only weapons that MUST be set to infinite are:
The Bazooka,Homing Missiles & Air Strike.
*Super Weapons are not a loud
*All Teams must be set to max Players
*There must always be 2 teams in the same team that are the ones being targeted.

*The 4 teams can be one big team, or all different teams
How to Play: There are 2 different teams that play in a flat arena map that has two goal like edges. Both teams will have a captain that can also use certain extra weapons while the other members can only use certain weapons. The goal is to kill the captain that is placed inside the goals.

*The Captain can only move inside the goal unless he's knocked out of it.
*The Captain is the only character that can use the Minigun & Uzi
*All Weapons are banned to the normal players expect: Fire Fist,Ninja Rope,Axe,Teleporter and Bat
*The Ninja ropes can only be used on the clouds.
*The Captain must be place inside the goal.
*The characters must be place on one opposite side of the map than the other player.
*The turn time must be set to 15-30 seconds.
*Fire Fist,Uzi and Ninja rope are infinite.
How to Play: There is one map. cut in half. 1 worm team is on one side, while the other is on the other side. Both sides of the map has a goal, and you need to hit the "ball" worm on your side into that goal. Whoever's worm gets into the goal first, wins.

*There can only be 3 Teams. 1 Team as the ball, the other two as the players
*Team 1 & 2 Can only have one member. Expect Team 3 which needs to two.
*Team 3 Must surrender right when it's their turn
*The only weapons aloud are: Baseball Bat, Fire Punch and Ninja Rope
*Turn Time must be infinite.
*Health must be infinite
Out Gunned:
There are 6 teams. 3 are on the same team the other 2 are on their own team too. There is also an extra team that only has 1-3 members on em. The 6th team are considered Neutral and cannot be killed. If all 3 are killed, the game ends auto & is stalemate.

*All weapons are aloud.(Expect Super) However, the bat,fire fiat,teleporter,and Hang Gun must be infinite
*No Super Weapons
*The 6th team can only use Handgun,Teleporter & Ninja Rope.
*Bat must be 5/5 power.
*Fire Punch must be 4/5 Power
*Airstrike must be 1/5 Power
*100 HP is the max health
*Turn skipping is banned
*2 Teams must be the one big team
*3 Teams must be one big team.
*If The Neutral Team is injured by the other teams, they can use the Minigun once per hit.

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