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Game development, eighties music, retro-gaming, laughing at cringy kids, and crate-breaking bandicoots.
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Sep 23 2016, 08:57 PM
Basically, you pick one of two options from the above post, then you post two options for the next user.

That's clear enough, no?

Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon?
Sep 23 2016, 01:56 AM
The old ban log has been archived for being nothing more than a bunch of immature shitposting and unfair bans. It's generally just a pain to read.

This new ban log's OP will refer to some important bans from the old logs.
Ironically, FAIR bans aren't even in the old logs...

destroyer1, Apr 10 2013, Permanent: For being full of himself and acting as if the site belonged to him. As soon as he was demoted he claimed he lost interest in the site, showing his power hunger. Oh, and of course trolling and harassing other members.

Desert/iTzYoBoYsErG, Oct 23 2013, 1 Day: Immature, racist comments in the shoutbox, and pretty much being a CoD-type savage kid. Hasn't been active after that.

Qualon, Feb 13 2015, Permanent: The man responsible for many flame wars and trouble. The peak being manipulating a moderator to nuke an entire rival's forums, causing angry retaliation which led to the forum wars. Originally demoted and was last seen on Jan 16, 2013 where he recently returned from a non-permanent ban. But 2 years later, I've decided to ban him as well, because the only reasons he didn't get one before was due to us being less strict against friends and being overly-UNFAIRLY strict against strangers.

And that's pretty much it.

If the two perma'd members were to become mature, they're more than welcome to return, although I doubt they'll do that. I can see destroyer had matured over the years, and he is known to be still active on PSN trophy-related forums, but I don't know what became of Qualon since he was last seen in 2013.

On the subject of banned Runouw users, users who posted pony spam and troll posts can stay banned for the justified reasons of trolling/spamming, I have nothing against them though.

As for the users banned for unfair reasons, they clearly don't give enough shit about it anyway, we know Bogdan and SuYo1141 were permanently banned by Qualon back around late 2011, but that was for bullshit reasons and thus I'm not listing it here. Same goes for MoD's ban.
I would unban them but hey, I don't think they care about these forums so, just gonna leave them as they are.

Subsequent bans (if they were to happen anyway) will be posted as replies.
Sep 23 2016, 01:10 AM
We had several flame wars and spambots in the past but nowadays there hasn't been any spambots. And obviously no more flame wars to talk about (thankfully).
"Staffing" hasn't really been important around here ever since destroyer1's ban in early 2013. There hasn't been any troublemakers to deal with, either.

Staff positions are now more of a position of "veteran-ness" than actual staff positions. In fact I forgot there were actual staff positions for the last 3 years, all they meant to me were fancy colored usernames... But as part of Sep 2016's "re-organization" attempt, I'll try to make staff positions matter now. Remember, the main focus of the re-organization is to make the site look less shitty to the occasional unbiased guest, therefore I don't want new members asking why this inactive member is still staff.

So without further ado, here are some staff changes in this re-organization...


So let's take a look at the prominent members and see if their positions had changed or not...

Deathbringer: He's keeping his position (bad news for ya @Seimix). I wouldn't really encourage abuse of name changes tbh, but he's responsible for the domain and I appreciate it, thus he stays as admin though he's only somewhat active.
Doktroyd: He's been inactive lately, therefore I'll have to demote him. No hard feelings, Dokt, I'd like to see you around again soon if you do come back, and you'll be welcome to get your position back.
Nana: She hardly cares about the forums anymore, and all of my interactions with her has been occasional irl visits. She said she'll be fine with her demotion, and it's done.
Seimix: I've always considered giving you your staff position back, as you're the most active member, in fact you're probably more active than me myself. Well, if it weren't for your mischief out of rage in your conflicts with Deathbringer/Torm. I know you wanted to delete the smileys and only used that as an excuse, but I'll need to re-consider first.
Squidipus: As she is the third most active member nowadays, she can keep her moderator position, just as long as she doesn't pull off a giant cheese serpent out of Davy Jones' locker with "Love" written on its face.

I don't think I need to list all the prominent members, clearly I'm not going to promote an inactive Soddy777 for no reason. (Don't take that as an offense, Sod).

Oh, I forgot:
destroyer1: He's been unbanned and is now given password to the Root Account to be our master, and our evil overlord. Obey him or get your ass banned. /joke
Qualon: Same as Dest. They both share the Root Account now.

Nah, don't take the last two seriously.

TL;DR: Both Nana and Dokt are now Veterans. No other changes yet.
Sep 23 2016, 12:25 AM
Ahoy there matey! This be the new news topic. As awkward as that may sound, you get the idea.

As of September 22, 2016, I've done yet another attempt to clean the site up from past immaturity, cringe and flame war topics that probably no one will wish to see again. They are now locked up archive forums, or in the Veteran forums that only veterans can see. They are not permanently deleted because I do not wish to delete pieces of history, and they can serve as a reminder of how stupid we used to be.

Anyway, it's not like a new member would care for those so... Basically, I'm still trying to make XNR3 beautiful again, but this time without that childish mind of mine. (As well as others who used to be immature as well.)
My main focus is to move all cringy/flame topics to the archives.

I hope I can stop being a lazy bum and actually update this topic when major changes are made.
Change Log:
*** September 21, 2016
- Unfortunately, I have to move some of Seimix's "info" topics to the Veteran Forums because most of those contain "inside" topics that only veterans understand. They're rather "uninviting".
- At the same time I have disabled the "Old Chat" section, in that it is now invisible to non-staff users. The "Old Chat" section was created to hide away old cringe topics from new ones back in my previous attempt in 2013, but I decided I'll just disable it completely this time.
- VIP Forums are now Veteran Forums. Within the VIP Forums, the "gossip" section has been merged with the "chat" section because the "gossip" section was unnecessary.
*** September 22, 2016
- Today's subject is the Welcome forums, it included several replies from me and fellow friends who insulted our "enemies" back in the day despite said "enemies" not being in the topics. That was rather immature of us, therefore I have to make the entire welcome section an archive, and it is now a staff-only forum under the new Welcome forums. Some trolling coming from the immature members of our "enemies" were also present in Welcome topics, thus I do not wish such cringe to be public again. However, I have moved some of the more recent welcome topics to the new Welcome section, since at that point we were less immature and thus they don't include any flame war material. Currently considering if I should "unarchive" several old welcome topics that don't include flaming content.
- I have restored destroyer1's profile back from the vandalism our staff had made shortly after his ban. It may not be the same as it was before (that was back in 2013!), but it's believable and close enough.
- Yes, it's the day I made this topic.
- Forum Games is no longer a sub-forum under Off-topic Discussion. It is now a forum of its own right alongside its former parent under the same category.
- Nana and Doktroyd are both demoted.
- A new and cleaner ban log was written and the old logs are archived.
*** September 23, 2016
- Not much changes today, but the forum skin has been updated.
Sep 12 2015, 01:35 PM
List of Xander's Games from the Past and Present
Because I feel like making a list of games I've made over the years, including crappy and lost games. Please note that this list isn't complete, and probably won't be complete due to the massive amounts of lost games I may have forgotten, but I may recall them in the future, who knows? Also, some games aren't listed due to laziness, or I just forgot to list them. I will update this at times. "First Game"
Year: 2010
Description: A game made following the tutorial in Game Maker 8. It has a city background, some walls, some moving chess pieces (like the fruits in the tutorial) to click on. And that's it.
Status: Lost Gem Grabber
Year: 2010
Description: Another tutorial-based game, but this one got further in development. It involves clicking on gems and avoiding clicks on skulls. It was a crappy game with constant resolution changes.
Status: Lost Treasure Tutorial Edit
Year: 2010
Description: Title says it all, it's an edit of the "treasure" example game. It has added lots of mechanics though, including new enemies, forcefields, "switches" that change the enemy behaviors, etc.
Status: Lost Breakout/Arkanoid Attempt
Year: 2010
Description: An attempt at making a breakout clone, which failed horribly.
Status: Lost Platform Adventure 2
Year: 2010
Description: My first platform game, it's simply an edited file of the official platform tutorials, but it went far enough to include at least 5 worlds, 4 completed worlds and 4 bosses. Despite being an early crappy game, it has a rather unusual ability for the player, the ability to raise a mirror that will deflect whatever falling bullets back upwards to the enemies. This game was also remade in 2014, intentionally made to "suck" just like the original.
And yes, it's called Platform Adventure 2. What happened to 1? It never existed, because the name was so unoriginal I was sure it was already taken.
Status: Lost Platform Adventure 3
Year: 2010
Description: The "second" (or first) game was simply a platformer where the player has to kill every enemy in the room. But it lacked sidescrolling, PA3 added that, which is simply an edited PA2 with side-scrolling levels, and no longer does the player have to kill all enemies, they just have to reach the goal.
Status: Lost Platform Adventure 4
Year: 2010
Description: Yes, I was really a dreamer back then, I went straight to making PA4 (actually the third game). It was a different game made from scratch, but it still used similar sprites and graphics. The levels were made out of order. A crappily drawn world map was made for it, it was meant to have secret collectibles, and at least two future levels was made, both of which are set in futuristic (not a pun by the way) cities with UFOs.
Status: Lost Platform Adventure 5
Year: 2010
Description: As if 3 unfinished games aren't enough, I made a fourth one (PA5), and this one ended up being more unfinished, with only ONE level.
Status: Lost Battle City Clone
Year: 2010
Description: A clone of the NES tank game Battle City. But the lack of experience at the time means the first enemy created wasn't an enemy tank, but rather a white rounded rectangle that kills the player on contact. Enemy tanks were added later though, but only two types were added. The game also features a base to defend like the source game. That was something future clones (Xattle City) lack.
Status: Lost Super Xag Bros
Year: 2011
Description: I was sick of making platform games starring some random explorer sprite. So I made one with an alien named after me, Xander. This is basically Super Mario Bros set in a futuristic city where the jumping physics are downright crap. It has robotic enemies who have no relation to the behavior of most SMB enemies, save for the basic "Goomba" enemy who walks back and forth (except they don't walk off cliffs). It was only thanks to the decompiler I was able to get this game back.
Status: Present SMB: United
Year: 2011
Description: An SMB clone attempt. The jumping physics are really horrible here, and the level designs are hard without checkpoints, that's enough to tell you it's a bad game. You can also get stuck in walls easily here. Same story as Super Xag Bros above regarding its status.
Status: Present Platform Adventure 1
Year: 2011
Description: Actually it did exist. I thought it was weird to not have a PA1, so I made the fifth game and called it PA1. It was similar to PA2 which lacked a scrolling screen. It was heavily based on a game that a future project in 2015 (Platform Party) will also base on.
Status: Lost Zharas Platformer
Year: 2011
Description: A platformer using 64x64 sprites instead of the typical 32x32. It is the first time I attempted things like checkpoints and moving platforms. This will eventually be "remade" in 2012 as just "Zharas", though it was a different game, but it is based on it anyway.
Status: Lost Zharas Land
Year: 2011
Description: Another Zharas platformer, this time it's a black and white platformer with Super Mario Land style graphics. The simplistic graphics are the basis for Nana's Platformer in 2013, but that was eventually colored. This is in fact the father to Nana's Platformer, the rock-tossing enemy idea is originally made in this game.
Status: Lost Kingdoms of the Star
Year: 2011
Description: A top-down shooter much like the 2012 project Xattle City. It involves Zharas' adventure in "Starion", a six-pointed star-shaped island with a kingdom on each end, as well as the middle, for a total of 7 kingdom. Zharas starts the level with no ammunition, and must collect it in the levels. If it runs out, he can recollect them. The main objective is to blow up all "Power Cores" in a maze-like level set to the theme of the current kingdom.
A similar game was made in late 2011's Starion Chaos, however in that game he has unlimited ammo, albeit weaker. His objective there was to kill all enemies and go to the exit, and power cores were removed.
Status: Lost Mario Galaxian
Year: 2011
Description: This is perhaps the "most popular" as it's the first game to have a playable demo published. It's a vertical shooter with Mario content. The game was partially lost, in that the 8th and latest demo version was mysteriously missing from Mediafire, while the original project file was lost. However, the 8th demo was decompiled by Bogdan and turned into a "fanmade" Mario Galaxian (more of a "fanhack", by the way), which was in turn decompiled by me. So yes, I still have the 8th version, albeit not the original 8th version. Who cares anyway, the game is remade in 2015, and it's better than this old pile of glitch crap.
Status: Lost Mario Bomberman
Year: 2011
Description: Believe it or not, there was one time I liked making games with Mario characters and gameplay from other games. Like Mario Galaxian is Mario in a vertical shooter, this is Mario in a Bomberman style game. The resolution here was awfully small, and the way the bombs blow up is simply 4 projectiles shot in 4 directions from the bomb, therefore, it's really slow. In real Bomberman games, the blasts reach the end immediately if not blocked by a wall. I've never mentioned this game on the Internet. All that's left is the memory in my brain. It was never remade, unless you count the actual Bomberman fangame made in around late 2012/early 2013 as a "remake".
Status: Lost Box Breaker
Year: 2011
Description: A puzzle-platform game where the main objective is to, well, break boxes. No, it's not a Crash Bandicoot fangame. There are many different box types that can be broken, each with different behaviors. It's very puzzling, even I myself could not solve the puzzle when I was randomly replaying the demo of this.
Status: Present Imaginary World (Attempt 1)
Year: 2011
Description: The first scrolling-shooter. This is the very first take at the game, its first level is set in a desert, while its second is set across the ocean. The third level was never completed, although it was set in a "bizarre orange place". This game however, has a power-up called "Penetrate Laser" which was never added in the second and third attempts.
Status: Lost ADV
Year: 2011
Description: This game lacks a name, but the file is called "adv_demo.gmk" so I'll just call it ADV. It is much like an improved version of Platform Adventure 2 where the player must kill every enemy, and there's a boss after every few levels.
Status: Present Mario Galaxian 2
Year: 2011
Description: The sekuel to the first game, this game mixes random original XNR3 stuff with Mario to make a larger game with more content. Taking place in XNR3's Starion setting last "seen" in Kingdoms of the Star, 10 worlds were planned, but only 5 was finished. Worlds 6 and 7 were unfortunately lost in a lost update. Nonetheless, 5 finished worlds beat the original game where only 4 worlds were finished. The game's file is still present, but without said worlds 6 and 7 updates. World 6 was in the progress of being remade, but it has been untouched since long ago.
Status: Present Starion Chaos
Year: 2011
Description: The "successor" to the lost game Kingdoms of the Star. Once again, taking place in Starion (obviously), once again involves Zharas in a top-down adventure, once again defeating the rulers of each kingdom to gain a key. However, Power Cores were removed, instead Zharas must kill all enemies to clear a level.
Status: Present PETS RPG
Year: 2011
Description: The first RPG starring my animal characters, in other words, good old Zharas. This game has a completely different plot from the later PETS RPG, and this is my FIRST RPG Maker game overall.
Status: Lost Nana's Desktop
Year: 2011
Description: This "game" is simply a fake desktop with some fake shortcuts to fake softwares like a music player. There's also an email inbox where you receive messages from other XNR3 members, although they are written by me in an attempt to imitate them. It was made as a birthday present for Nana, and that's it.
Status: Present Match/SuperMatch/PowerMatch
Year: 2012
Description: Originally started out as "Match", a concentration game where the player must flip pairs of matching cards. You know that game. It was a single player game where the player must clear the board before a timer runs out. Each level adds more card types, as well as shortening the timer. It was then transformed into a two player game where players take turns to collect pairs, and the player with the most pairs wins. Then more and more features were added, including a game with 104 cards on the board, and 4 player games. It was renamed PowerMatch afterwards.
Status: Present Xattle City
Year: 2012
Description: Sort of a remake of the original 2010 Battle City clone attempt. Though they are both clones of the tank game Battle City. This game removed the generic "white circle" enemies and included more enemy tank types. It also features boss battles and couple power-ups. The lack of future plans besides Dest's sh*tty trophy and out-of-place "Mecha Sonic boss" suggestions means this game is easily considered finished. This may as well be the FIRST finished XNR3 game, since other games are "demos". However, there is an unfinished game over screen left in the game, which is simply an ugly message saying "debug game over". There's no plans to fix that.
Status: Present Zharas
Year: 2012
Description: Another platformer, after learning how ugly my old games looked, I focused really hard on the graphics in this game, forcing myself to make animations, custom HUD, and even parallax scrolling backgrounds. However, gameplay on the other hand, wasn't the focus, therefore it's pretty much the same as old platformers like Super Xag Bros, with better graphics. The result? A 2.5D-ish platformer with repetitive gameplay.
Status: Present XNR III
Year: 2012
Description: This was meant to be an RPG starring Xander and Nana, but that's it, not much was made here except there was a video. The video is no longer there, so pretty much everything about this game is lost.
Status: Lost Imaginary World (Attempt 2)
Year: 2012
Description: Made around the same time as Xattle City. As Xattle City is a remake of the original Battle City clone, this is a remake of the lost Imaginary World project. It uses the same boss characters as Xattle City, fought in the same order. Unfortunately, this ended up being lost as well. Most of the games made around this time were backed up, but this wasn't.
Status: Lost Zharas Shooter
Year: 2012
Description: It's just a platformer with guns. And you can't even aim upwards. This is a remake of a long lost 2011 game I don't remember the name of (therefore not listed here). With similar gameplay. Every individual enemy has unikue names hovering over their head, and that's pretty much the only interesting thing, right? Actually, this remake has a fake inbox where you receive messages from people based on the plot.
Status: Present TOWER
Year: 2012
Description: Similar to Mario Galaxian, the player shoots enemies from an elevator going upwards in a really high skyscraper. The third level even features the elevator crashing straight through the roof and continues to go upwards to the sky and straight to space in level 4.
Status: Present Pets VS. Power
Year: 2012
Description: Yet another top-down game featuring Zharas. But it's not much of a shooter this time, Zharas have 3 weapons: sword, gun and bombs. The sword is a short range weapon but deals more damage, while the gun is the opposite. Bombs deal the most damage, but are planted and go off after a short period of time, and are rather impractical. The game has overpowered bosses that are really hard to defeat, and are unfair considering the random AI behavior. Because of that, the game has been left untouched.
Status: Present PETS RPG (Attempt 2)
Year: 2012
Description: Another RPG with the animals. This one has a different plot though. The game was partially lost, with a large update lost among other games. However, it has since been remade in 2014 and is still present today.
Status: Present PowerMatch 2
Year: 2013
Description: All of those updates on the first game won't help, because I've decided to make a new concentration game from scratch, and that's PowerMatch 2. It lacks the 104 cards game and 4 player games, but it makes up for it with its several game modes, and an AI opponent. I've had plans to bring back the original single-player "Match" game in here, and an "adventure mode" was planned where the player plays a series of levels from single player games to challenges to games against the AI opponent, or even bosses.
Status: Present Abnormal Battles Championship
Year: 2013
Description: This is my first and so far only fighting game. At first I loved it, before realizing the game is highly repetitive, it's almost a button masher! Doktroyd wrote a review for this one, and I can agree to most of the flaws pointed out. It's just punch, kick, special, block, move, jump and nothing else! The game is discontinued, I will be making no more updates. The game is only accessible to the staff members, just for some mindless button mashing or laughs at how bad it really is.
Status: Present Xattle City 2
Year: 2013
Description: This is where I realize most of my old games are horrible. This game avoids things like default sprites, default icons, default loading bars, and tons of laziness. The sekuel to Xattle City, this is yet another Battle City clone. It has more worlds and bosses, more enemy types, more power-ups and even a shop to buy upgrades (although the current version's upgrades are very limited). A level editor was planned and is in fact already in the demo version (though inaccessible and incomplete).
Status: Present Bomberman
Year: 2013
Description: The Bomberman fangame I mentioned earlier. A close replica of the NES Bomberman, same mechanics like multiple points for killing multiple enemies in the same blast/chain of blasts, items, exit, enemies, timer, bonus rounds and even hidden items with special conditions (but not the same conditions as the NES secret items). Same repetitive gameplay as the original NES game as well.
Status: Present Alphabet RPG
Year: 2013
Description: An RPG starring characters based on Nana's family and friends, aka Xander's neighborhood. This is currently the longest RPG made by XNR3, with several cutscenes and dungeons, and a world map. The database of this game is copied into the future XNR3 RPG.
Status: Present Nana's Platformer
Year: 2013
Description: Perhaps the most advanced platformer we've made so far! Taking the flaws of the older games and making it better here. The other platformers had their own flaws: Super Xag Bros' unfair difficulty, horrible graphics, and jump physics, Zharas' over-focus on graphics resulting in repetitive gameplay, Platform Adventure 2's complete crappiness and SMB: United's an unoriginal game and horrible attempt at cloning Super Mario Brothers. Nana's Platformer, our most recent side-scrolling platformer, is neither of those. The lesson learned is gameplay over graphics. The main focus here is to introduce new mechanics every level, even if it's used in that level only. The graphics however, aren't as good as Zharas, but who cares as long as it's better than the others? At least the art style here stays consistent and most of them are made by ourselves!
Status: Present Xandolfus FLUX
Year: 2013
Description: This is my version of Skuidipus' game Skuidolfus FLUX. Set in a bizarre dreamscape, the player has to collect coins while avoiding members of Nana's family and friends. This is the first and only game to have online high scores, even though the high scores site is no longer present.
Status: Present Mojo2D
Year: 2014
Description: There was a game on the PlayStation 2 I've played, it was an obscure puzzle game called Mojo!, it was a 3D game where you roll a ball around breaking blocks of the same color, and touching some items change your ball's color for other colored blocks. This is my attempt at making a 2D overhead clone of that. Why did I do that? Because I was furious at the game's level editor that lacked many features in the single player mode. If you don't let me have the cool stuff in the level editor, I'm making my fanmade version of it and I have full control over it, suck that! This was the second attempt by the way, I had an attempt at this back in 2011, but I don't wanna list that here now, especially since it's mostly the same thing, unlike Imaginary World.
Status: Present Imaginary World (Attempt 3)
Year: 2014
Description: Did I say Imaginary World? The third and final attempt at Imaginary World! Unlike attempt 2 compared to attempt 1, the third attempt uses the same ideas from the second. Same levels and bosses are remade. Although the levels are probably much longer.
Status: Present Platform Adventure 2 Remake
Year: 2014
Description: Remade for nostalgia's sake, complete with intentional crappiness, though only on the game's side. The coding on the other hand isn't the same as the original. For example, the original game used three separate objects for each hit point for bosses, the remake used variables instead.
Status: Present Platform Party
Year: 2015
Description: A platformer supporting 4 players co-operative gameplay, with puzzle elements that will allow players to work together. Planned to support USB controllers, so some players may use the keyboard while others use controllers. Again, a level editor was also planned.
Status: Present XNR3 RPG
Year: 2015
Description: An RPG based on the events of XNR3 City, including the forum wars. However, members involved that are no longer with us or enemies, are replaced by representative characters to avoid their likenesses. The game files itself were actually created at around 2013, and only in 2015 I decided to make an XNR3 RPG. But I thought I'd just build it upon this, as I liked the opening parts already made here. This game also borrows the database files from the Alphabet RPG, because of laziness. But XNR3 RPG has since developed a larger database compared to Alphabet RPG.
Status: Present Card Game
Year: 2015
Description: A trivial card game with RPG elements. The player plays a card against a randomly chosen opponent card, and the two cards are put in an RPG-like battle based on the card's stats. The winner depends on the battle performance, which is randomly determined based on the stats. This means cards with near ekual stats are even, while cards with significantly higher stats are more likely to win against weaker cards, unless you're really unlucky.
Status: Present Crash Bandicoot Fangame
Year: 2015
Description: My attempt at making a Crash fangame. And I'm trying to avoid using sprites ripped straight off of Crash games like the GBA games. I'm making the sprites myself, so far I've finished some crates, a forest background, some ground tiles, and the wumpa fruit. Crash's sprite on the other hand is going to be really hard!
Status: Present Mario Galaxian (Remake)
Year: 2015
Description: Mario Galaxian is arguably my most loved game. But that's not because of the game itself, but because back in the day our site was more active and had more people playing it. The game however, was pure crap: Default particle effects? Check. Arial font? Check. Instantly moving to the next level? Check. Inconsistency? Check (the Thwomp boss lacks a health bar, while other bosses have one). Other flaws are in the development itself: Every character, every enemy, every projectile, every enemy projectile are separate objects! This all can be achieved by just using variables, damn it! So here we are, we're remaking it, and making it better! No more of those flaws. Every enemy types, including bosses, are the SAME object. The usage of a popup message asking for the player to type a cheat code is unprofessional and ugly, even with a custom message skin. Therefore, this game used a fully coded on-screen input for cheat codes. And many other improvements over the original game, such as making the game less frustrating but still challenging enough. You no longer restart a level every time you die, but as a side effect you don't gain an extra life after beating each level anymore. This is currently the most active project.
Status: Present
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