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Root Account
 Posted: May 24 2011, 05:49 AM
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Every forum has rules. This one's no difference.


1. No spamming.
Spamming wouldn't help you win anything but to make our forums look bigger.

2. No inappropriate material such as porn.
A short brief conversation about sexual stuff is not restricted as long as it's not considered too much (a whole day of inappropriate chat is not allowed). However, sexual contents such as pictures and videos are NOT tolerated, anyone posting such content will be punished. The same applies to graphic/violent content.

3. No flaming.
We don't want others to get hurt here, so don't. And do not flame back when someone does it to you... let us handle it or tell us through PM.
--3.1 No flaming others because they're a different race, that's racism.
--3.2 No flaming over opinions.
--3.3 Cyberbullying is not allowed.
Basically, no flaming is tolerated in general.

4. Swearing limitations:
Profanity is generally okay, as long as you're not being a typical CoDfag or a Sir Swears-a-Lot who can't write a paragraph without profanity. Basically, mild swearing is okay, but a message FULL of profanity is not.

5. No links to illegal content. Websites containing content such as drugs, child pornography or harmful content such as malware, will get you banned immediately. You get the idea.
--5.1 The "less serious" but still considered "illegal" sites such as ROM/MP3 downloading sites are generally fine, but due to the nature of such sites there's a risk of infecting users with viruses. Thus, please limit linking to them unless necessary.

6. Double-posting is forbidden, unless there is a good reason to do so, such as double-posting in a topic where the last post was posted more than a 48 hours ago, or specific cases like art topics that constantly need updates.

7. Trolling is no longer allowed as of Dest's ban.

8. Advertising limitations:
Topics made for the sole purpose of advertisements are NOT allowed. You may advertise your forums if it is relevant to a topic that isn't about advertisements (e.g. linking to your official forums relevant to the topic's subject). Advertising in signatures and/or your profile's website field is okay.

9. Give every reputation point for a reason. You can give blank rep points if we find the topic you gave the reputation in containing a post worthy of the rep.
Duplicate reps will be deleted.

10. All staff members may only do things for reasons. If you are a staff member and you abuse your powers, you will be demoted.

11. To the staff, do NOT edit the rules unless you meet the following two conditions:
- Use common sense and proper grammar.
- Only do so when necessary.
Any edits to the rules that doesn't meet those conditions will be reverted.

That's all, have fun... :N:

Written by Nana and Edited by PVG (Xander)
Another revision was made by Xander as of September 21, 2016.

This is the root account. It is never actually used unless root permissions are necessary. The current owner is Xander.
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